Ingredients for Delicious Halal Mousse Cakes

Image by Tim Huefner

What are Halal, Haram and Mashbooh?

It’s important to understand what halal and haram are before researching the right ingredients for food, in this case: halal ingredients in cake and halal mousse cakes. We must recognise the vast cultures, religions, beliefs, and ways of life.

Here are the Arabic word meanings;
Halal: Lawful or permissible
Haram: Unlawful or prohibited
Mashbooh: Suspicious or doubtful

How does this apply to food?
When we apply Halal or Haram and even Mashbooh to food, it’s setting the dietary standard as prescribed in the Qur’an. Halal and Haram can also be applied to other various product categories such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, meat and personal care products.

If a food item or ingredient is considered to be Haram, the item should not be consumed.

If a food item or ingredient is considered to be Mashbooh, the item cannot be determined if it’s Halal or Haram. Further research and confirmation of the item may need to be actioned to confirm if it’s Halal or Haram and can be used to create halal cakes.

Cakes vs Halal, Haram and Mashbooh

Bakers need to be educated and informed about what ingredients go into their cakes, especially if they wish to create halal mousse cakes. A baker will know all their ingredients but if they don’t know if the cake is Halal, further research needs to be done to assure the person consuming the cake has confidence.

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Ingredients vs Halal, Haram and Mashbooh

Each product and ingredient will need to be individually analysed and confirmed that it is Halal. It can be easy to determine if a product may be Halal if an alternate of the same product is Halal.

For example:
Salted butter made with cream and salt is considered to be Halal and it’s very rare for real salted butter to not be Halal. Whereas, unsalted butter can be deemed as Haram because flavouring can be from a Haram source such as starter distillate which contains ethyl alcohol.

For months I have researched each ingredient of my mousse cakes, contacted Islamic bodies for halal confirmation, and can confidently say I now provide halal mousse cakes! My most popular halal cake at this moment is Obsidian - Triple Chocolate.

If I am not using raw ingredients such as flour, sugar, or salt, the products that I purchase from the manufacturer or producer are deemed halal or have halal certifications.

Some Halal cake ingredients used are:

  • Chef’s Choice Halal gelatin sheets - Halal

  • Western Star butter - Halal certified

  • Colour Mill and/or Chefmaster colouring - Halal

  • Cadbury chocolate - Halal certified

  • Bulla Thickened Cream - Halal

While I take pride and the utmost care regarding the selection of my ingredients, unfortunately, not all my cakes can be Halal such as my Scarlet - Strawberry n Cream Mousse Cake. The strawberry essence and syrup contain haram ingredients from the manufacturer.