Dante’s Top 5 Mousse Cake Flavours

Photo by Andrii

Way Too Many Top Flavours in Cake!

There are simply too many flavours to choose from for a top 5 mousse cakes list, and I guarantee it will change later this year! In fact, the best thing about mousse is that the flavours are unlimited and one can go crazy eating all of them!

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But, what are my top 5 mousse cakes and top flavours right now? Just scroll on through!

5 - Banana

Mousse made with real banana and honey or banana essence is one of those flavours that you just need to have. I have always been a fan of anything banana flavoured, from banana yogo to banana lollies!

It’s not a common mousse flavour but a flavour you must try that could easily become one of your top 5 cakes!

4 - Strawberry

Photo by Angèle Kamp

There’s a reason why strawberries are so versatile, they complement any dish you’re trying to create! Mousse made with real strawberries or syrup is a hit with anyone. It may come as no surprise that one of my first cakes I made for Onyx Hive is the Strawberry n Cream named Scarlet.

You really can’t go wrong with strawberry mousse, and that’s why it’s one of my top 5 mousse cakes!

3 - Orange Chocolate

Photo by denis_333

I don’t know many people into the orange chocolate combo but I am a huge fan (but I’m surprisingly not into Jaffa’s for some reason). I don’t even know the real reason why I love the combo, maybe it’s the citrus and sweetness combination or it’s just a whacky flavour that works like peanut butter and chocolate.

But what I do know is this may be an upcoming mousse flavour in the future… wink wink.

2 - Chocolate - Milk, Dark and White

Photo by Jessica Loaiza

Yeah yeah, no surprise huh? But it’s chocolate, and you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Milk, dark or white chocolate are such versatile flavours that can be added and tweaked to any mousse cake! 3 out of the 4 initial flavours when Onyx Hive opened incorporated all 3 chocolate types: Onyx (milk chocolate), Obsidian (dark chocolate), and Ivory (white chocolate).

Chocolate isn’t moving out of my top 3 mousse flavours anytime soon!

1 - Mango

Photo by RomixImage

Mango anything is #1 in my books! Mango fruit, mousse, ice cream, sorbet, lollies, juice, nectar, bubble tea, dried mango, jam… Anything mango, you bet I’ll say yes to it. The downfall with fresh mango is that it’s seasonal and this can be problematic with mousse as fresh mango is best to use in a mousse. Powders and syrups don’t come close to the real thing!

Why haven't I created a mango mousse cake yet, you ask? No comment...

- Dante