Valentine’s Day Mousse Cake 2022

Delicious Love

It’s finally here, a combination of flavours that are unlikely to be seen together, and yet here they are. My Eros, Valentine’s Mousse Cake.

Raspberry mousse and vanilla sponge cake, with a layer of sweet rose cream and lychee fruit. Finished off in pink, white chocolate velvet texture, gold leaf, and edible dried roses.

It’s a romantic, sweet, thoughtful, delicious cake that really is made for Valentine’s day.

Stereotypical Love

You caught me, the elements of the cake is quite lovey dovey, but you can’t have it any other way!? I mean, I could coat the heart black but that doesn’t scream love right than pink.

But Valentines’s Day is red?

Who said that!? Yes, I could go into colour theory and bore you on the emotional and representation of red and pink, but what’s important is that this raspberry cake is doing its job to impress.

The Design Process

I got to admit, this was one of the easier mousse cakes to design. The base cake of the geometric heart was already designed, but it’s what decorations to add to complement the heart. The first ingredient that came to mind was edible roses and I think that was a given base of the theme.

The pink white chocolate spray coating was also a no-brainer to me as the mousse is raspberry. I did think of the colour red but I decided that pink was the right choice for my Valentine’s Cake. I do have a pastel red and white cake, my Scarlet: Strawberry ‘n’ Cream mousse cake, but I thought I needed pink in my inventory.

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The Flavour Process

Whenever I want to make a new flavoured cake, it’s always a challenge to come up with a flavour for my brand but also try to be unique as well. It’s one thing to come up with a flavour, it’s another thing to actually source the ingredients for longevity. The problem with flavours is that it comes in many different forms such as powder, syrups, concentrates, real fruit, oils and essence, it’s up to me to decide which is the best to use.

The 3 main flavours in my mousse cake are:

  • Raspberry: The main flavour that takes up approximately 40% of my cake, it’s important to not make this a dominant flavour

  • Rose: I have combined cream and rose essence

  • Lychee: Real fruit, adding different textures

Finding the right balance of all 3 flavours was a huge challenge and going through so many different tweaks was lengthy but I think I manage to find that harmony in my Valentine’s cake.

If this mousse cake goes well, it may be promoted as a permanent cake in my inventory instead of a special edition Valentine’s day event cake!

- Dante