Iris: The Best Taro and Coconut Mousse Cake, Now Released!

Introducing Iris

The people have spoken, and a new cake has been created! Introducing Iris, the best taro and coconut flavoured mousse cake!

So, what is it?

  • The mousse is taro flavoured

  • The cake is a vanilla sponge, light and fluffy

  • The middle layer consists of sweet coconut cream and coconut strings

Why Taro and Coconut?

Short answer: The people wanted it
Long answer: The people really wanted it

The taro mousse cake moved up a couple of slots in my future cake releases but I never expected it so soon! It’s great that I can have conversations with clients and get an insight into what they really like in a mousse cake.

Collecting feedback from clients is important to me as it not only shapes my business but it affords better quality products. Plus, it’s a win/win situation for both myself and the people that taste my cakes!


I have never baked nor cooked with anything taro in it, while a taro and coconut cake seemed like a straightforward flavour, it came with a few challenges.

Challenge: Finding the right taro ingredients for the taro mousse cake
I had to research and test different taro ingredients that will not only complement baking but also taste amazing as well. With a few trials and errors with taro powders, syrups and concentrates, I found the right ingredients that work well not only in a mousse but the cake as well!

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Challenge: Expectations
As I continue to build Onyx Hive, new challenges arise such as expectations from myself and my clients. This involves creating better and more exciting social media content, ads and trusting my process that I am creating quality food including a delectable taro and coconut mousse cake.

For example, an advertisement I made specifically for Iris was the first for me to ever create for Onyx Hive.


Whats Next?
It is always unknown what is next for Onyx Hive after this taro and coconut mousse cake, maybe a Christmas cake? What I do know is that the more feedback I receive, Onyx Hive will continue to improve and I hope we are all in this journey together.

- Dante