New Sydney Cake Business Emerges from Covid

The Founder

Hi! I’m Dante, the founder of Onyx Hive!

I’m the guy that didn’t receive the best marks in high school and I wasn’t the best at sports. I’m your typical everyday millennial living in Sydney trying to find his place in the world where his parents told him to go to university which would land me a great paying job and to eventually settle down.

What I do know, though, is that I have always dwelled in creative practices. Whether it’s drawing, painting, dancing, singing, baking, video editing, fashion or even digital graphic design, I naturally gravitate to anything creative and try to find my place in the creative world.

I started baking 5 years ago for friends and family members, but that wasn’t enough. My favourite type of cake is mousse cakes and when covid hit, the mousse cake business Onyx Hive was born.

The Grind

While creating mousse cakes on the side, I pursued my dream as a graphic designer which led me to study and obtain a dual degree in Media and Design from the University of New South Wales.

This led to multiple jobs in the industry creating graphics and animations for multiple companies, such as ESL, Blizzard, McDonald’s, and Dare. My portfolio was growing and I was working my way up to become a great graphic designer!

Then Covid 2020/21 Arrived….

I lost my job due to Covid in 2020, and I was back to the grind of finding another job. The problem is with graphic designers, there are a lot of us and I mean… A LOT. I would go to my LinkedIn profile and see job ads of 100 or more people applying for the same role, or government and larger company ads having 200 or more applicants. How can I compete with so many applicants!?

After sending over 100+ applications to potential employers, I finally landed a graphic designer role in January 2021, then the second wave of Covid hit Sydney which forced the state to lockdown for a good few months, then I lost that job due to Covid.

Onyx Hive Emerges

To cut the long story short, after years of contemplating starting my own Sydney cake business as a side job, it was time I just did it! My new cake business Onyx Hive officially launched in July 2021, baking in my home kitchen. I have sourced other bakers and products to create my ideal mousse cakes in taste and design! Sourcing ingredients both locally and internationally, all the recipes I create for my mousse cakes are original.

Four cakes were initially released:

My goal is to provide Metropolitan Sydney with amazingly designed mousse cakes.

The Future

I don’t know what the future will hold for myself and my mousse cake business Onyx Hive, but it can only go up from here!

- Dante