Cosmos: Cookies n Cream Mousse Cake is Born

Introducing Cosmos

After weeks of trial and error, numerous user taste testing sessions, my delectable Cosmos Cookies n Cream mousse cake has finally been released!

So what is this cookies n cream cake?

  • The mousse is cookies ‘n’ cream made from white chocolate and Oreo cookies

  • The cake is devil’s chocolate, a bit richer and denser than traditional chocolate cake

  • The middle layer is a bunch of crunchy Oreo cookies covered in dark chocolate

Why Cookies n Cream?

Why not?

As an Oreo chocolate cookie fan, this cake was originally not in my business plan to create. The best part of my job is speaking with clients when I deliver their cake and having general chats regarding my business and taking in their valuable feedback as well as their perspective.

With a few chats about my next cake, a mash-up with popular brands came up into conversation. Mash-ups with Nutella, Mars, Crunchie, Oreo, and Hershey's cookie and cream.

The brand Oreo struck a chord, thus pushing me to make a delicious cookies and cream cake.


A few challenges came up when creating this Oreo cake, I wanted the cookies n cream cake to have some sort of crunch from the Oreo’s and the mousse needed to have Oreo pieces.

Challenge 1: Crunchy cookie layer
Oreos either go stale or soft when exposed to air or when in contact with other ingredients such as cream. There’s no way of maintaining their crunchiness when not sealed. Google didn’t answer my question ‘How can I prevent Oreo’s from getting stale?’ among many other variations of the same question.

After many experimentations trying to prevent the Oreos from going stale or soft, the answer was simple – a 1:1 mix of oil and chocolate then cover the crushed Oreos with it. Why did this work? All cookies act as a sponge when water-like liquids get in contact, the mix of oil and chocolate acts as a coating, protecting the cookie instead of penetrating it.

Challenge 2: The design
The design of this cookies n cream mousse cake needed to be aesthetically pleasing, relatable, logical, recognisable, and most importantly edible.

The mould for the cookies n cream cake needed to match the aesthetics as well. The mould I selected had geometric mounds that complemented what I was trying to achieve - a galaxy look. Furthermore, I added chocolate spheres to replicate planets which completed the overall design of the Oreo mousse cake.

The Finish Line

Creating a new mousse cake flavour – especially one as popular as the cookies n cream cake - is exciting and challenging. There is a lot of preparation and things to consider before starting the project. Even once finished, the post-production work needs to start such as photography and advertising.

I am proud of my Cosmos Cookies n Cream mousse cake and I hope you’ll love it too!

- Dante